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Based on decades of experience, Waxoyl AG has developed a comprehensive range of products for the automotive and industrial sectors.

Waxoyl stands for high-quality products and their excellent properties have been proved time and time again, in practice and in numerous tests worldwide.

Waxoyl AG, Areas of Application

Car Care

Cleaning - Care - Protection for interior and exterior, a complete system for new and used vehicles, boats, motorhomes etc. Extends the service life and increases the resale value.

Waxoyl AG, Areas of Application

Corrosion protection

Your perfect partner in the efficient fight against rust. Our solutions have been developed through years of experience and through a perfectly harmonised combination of products and processing technologies.

Waxoyl AG, Areas of Application

Transport and storage protection

Short to medium-term corrosion protection for all painted and unpainted surfaces. Can be used for all types of vehicles (alternatively construction and agricultural machinery), tools, etc. Also suitable for sea transport.

Waxoyl AG, Areas of Application

Workshop and Car Body

We offer an extensive range of chemical products, support and consumables for everyday use.

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