Special Cleaner

High-concentrate cleaner for glass, paint, plastic parts and soft-feel paints. Also particularly suitable for engine cleaning. 

Removes rubber streaks, chalk residue after polishing, residue from adhesives, etc. The product can be diluted in water, up to one part in a hundred. 

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Foam Cleanser 

Foam Cleanser is suitable for a variety of interior and exterior cleaning jobs. 

A mild foam cleanser with high active ingredient content. Fast-acting, safe to use on rubber and paintwork.
Foam Cleanser makes light work of dirt like silicone residue, insects, oil and grease. Does not run or leave any residue. 

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IR Tissue 

The professional cleaning cloth with a rough and a smooth side to clean away all kinds of dirt, thoroughly yet gently. 

Has a mild, pleasant fragrance and exceptional cleaning power thanks to the special formula of cleansing fluid and cloth. Also ideal for cleaning heavily soiled hands, as it is free from any toxins and kind to the skin. IR Tissues are biodegradable. 

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