One Step

One Step is a polish which polishes and seals slightly used paintwork in a single process, creating a protective film to give the paint lasting protection against the elements. One Step is ideal for application by eccentric polisher, making the product economical to use and easy to apply. Even chrome parts can be polished and preserved using One Step. 

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Cream Wax 

Cream Wax contains pure carnauba wax, the hardest natural wax on the market, and leaves all paint types gleaming. This product has seen many years of successful use. It does not smear or leave any white residue on plastic or rubber parts. 

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Waxacid Paint Sealant 

A synthetic polymer has been specially developed for this product with the property of being able to protect the vehicle's paintwork against damage from acids, caused by acid rain, industrial pollution, bird droppings and other substances.
Waxacid Paint Sealant forms a protective film which neutralises any acid contamination and maintains the paintwork's protective effect. 

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